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Equipment distributors in the US and around the world have known Robins (Robin Chera) for many years. I have known him for over 30 years and have been working very close with Robins for the past 17 years. The past 17 years Robin Chera has been manufacturing Rottler Manufacturing line of Cylinder Head machines, shipping them to the US where Rottler installed the electronics, motors, operation software along with touch screen interface displays. This relationship has been successful and will continue with Robin’s manufacturing machines for Rottler.


Now a new alliance has been formed for Robin’s to manufacture a new line of equipment targeting a lower cost point of cylinder head machines around the world and here in the US without all the extra features that Rottler offers. This new line will offers a SG5 machine for motor cycle shops and shops only needing to process 4 cylinder heads up to 23” and SG7 for shops needing to process larger heads up to 32” in length. Also to help launch this program the VR10 Valve Grinding machines for will also be available as well. The Valve Grinder will be offered in two models, the VR5 a bench model with no cabinet and the VR10 with a cabinet.

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